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Horse pensions at the French Riviera

A paddock shelter formula 

Unlimited hay

24-hour surveillance

Laying raincoats on rainy days

Ideal conditions in the heart of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region

3 hectares of wooded and enclosed parks

Large paddocks with shelters to accommodate your horses in convalescence, at rest or at work

Secure fences

Many equestrian rides departures


Watered sand quarry

18 m long lanyard for working in the wild


In order to encourage grooming and avoid boredom, horses are at least in pairs. For the safety of everyone, they are not shod on the hind legs. 

All equestrian disciplines are practiced at the Clos des Chênes stables, dressage, show jumping, hiking.
Ethology occupies an important place and all our work is done with respect for horses.

Horseback riding lessons are given by a state-certified instructor qualified in ethology.

It is a quiet and peaceful place where everyone in a family and friendly atmosphere enjoys meeting each other.

Half board is possible on the horses of the stable.

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Equi-libre Côte d'Azur stables and equestrian facilities
Horse riding in boarding school at the Equi-libre Côte d'Azur stable

“ Since we arrived in the Clos des Chênes estate, Wanted has never been better: the stables sweat the joy of life and well-being.


It has been two years now since I had the chance to meet Laurence, a person of heart, who really knows how to take care of horses, in whom I have blind trust and who loves our horses as if they were his owns. 


Happy young girl after an ethological riding course

“ It has been almost a year since Titan and I joined Laurence's little paradise, where the well-being of the horse is a priority: herds, hay at will, an ethological approach to the relationship with the horse, all this with kindness and daily attention.


Thank you Laurence for your open-mindedness, thank you for making us discover your world, I can never thank you enough for all the love you give to our horses. 



Horse pensions

Ethological equitation 

After a 35 year break, I discovered the ethological equitation that I have been practicing for the past year at Laurence.

This approach answers the questions I asked myself in my practice without finding answers.


It teaches me to find the right distance and a peaceful relationship with the animal that is the horse, to assert myself without aggressiveness, to deal with my fear, to accept not to be understood without resentment, not to project my own thoughts on it, and many other things, the horse by its nature, being neither calculating nor "mean". Which, as we have understood, helps me in my daily life.


At the end of a session, I made this reflection to Laurence: "My horse... my master", and Laurence added:"... And you... his". 

I still have a lot to learn, that's for sure, and if this learning is synonymous with questioning it gives me great joy and pleasure. 

Véronique Wagner

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