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Feeling good in your body and mind, in harmony with your environment

Equi-libre Côte d'Azur supports you throughout your personal and professional development project, in making the changes you want to make for your well-being and to strengthen family ties.


Different forms of support are possible depending on your needs and objectives: horse coaching sessions can be adapted for adults or teenagers, individually or in groups.

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Horse coaching sessions for adults

Personal development of a woman after a horse coaching session

Do you want to prepare for a professional change, assess your experiences and skills or acquire emotional and relational well-being ?


Three main themes can be addressed and adapted during the equicoaching sessions:

Affirmation and self-confidence

Full awareness of the present moment 

Emotional and anxiety management 

The different personalities of the horses allow you to choose the dimension you want to explore according to your experience and difficulties.

Working with the horse allows you to move from theory to practice in a real setting.
Contact with the animal promotes reconnection with oneself, a factor that soothes and strengthens self-confidence.

Horse coaching sessions for teenagers

  • Fear of failure, anxiety and stress:

Learn to recognize and tame your emotions so that personal and academic steps are no longer an obstacle to your development

  • Lack of self-confidence:

Be able to assert yourself with kindness and learn to know your limits

  • Relationship difficulties:

Improve non-verbal communication and learn to accept refusal

  • Psycho-physical balance:

Be attentive to your body to assimilate the body schema and fluidify your movements

Teenager with a horse after an equicoaching session on the French Riviera
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