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Do you want to increase the responsiveness of your teams to change, foster an open corporate culture and participative management, improve customer relations, and more broadly put people at the heart of corporate performance ?

To ensure that your employees can find the resources they need to achieve these objectives, Equi-libre Côte d'azur offers you personalized coaching and training adapted to your company's specific needs.

Training and Coaching 

Whether as part of a seminar, a study day or a training plan, the horse coaching process is structured around three main stages:

Experience training & coaching

Presentation of the project and validation of your needs and objectives with your employees.

Explanation, demonstration and realization of the thematic workshops with the assistance of the horse. You experience the animal's immediate reactions to your way of being, the coherence between your intentions and your behaviour.

Depending on your project, a specialized coach will accompany you during your training.


Viewing of the videos and pedagogical debriefing of the session

in order to anchor the experience and put your skills and resources in perspective in the service of your professional objectives.

Build your project

Contact and first meeting

in order to analyse your professional context and your company culture.


Identification of needs and co-construction of your project 

in adequacy with your problems and objectives.


Creation and validation of the intervention plan

around a specific theme - communication, management, leadership, commercial performance, group cohesion.


Project follow-up

for programs conducted over several days or sessions

Evaluation of the actions carried out

according to your objectives

Feedback and assessment


Leadership and Team Management

Development of skills related to emotional intelligence 


  • Organize and coordinate the efforts of a group of individuals

  • Prevent and resolve conflicts by acting as a mediator

  • Establish personal relationships and communicate appropriately with empathy

  • Perceive the feelings, motivations and concerns of your employees

  • Assert yourself in your managerial position

Horsecoaching sessions for leadership in the Côte d'Azur
Horse coaching session to improve poitive communication in companies

L'équicoaching et la communication

Increase ease and develop

positive communication

  • Stress and emotional management

  • Attention given to the present moment and non-verbal communication

  • Identification and decoding of relational dynamics

  • Increased listening skills

  • Development of self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Understanding as a matter of course that you are 100% responsible for your communication

  • Expression of disagreements, remarks and requests in a constructive and non-confrontational manner 

  • Adoption of assertive behaviour - neither passive nor aggressive

Cohésion d'équipe

Optimizing team coordination, cooperation and involvement for future actions

Insuffering creativity and enthusiasm

Bring out common values and a shared vision 

Team building & Team cohesiveness

An evolution from a group of individuals

to a strong, cohesive team

Creating shared memories

Building a climate of trust and solidarity 

Improving communication between team members

Group of people smiling after an original team building with horses

The benefits of horse coaching in companies

Live together a unique and authentic experience where dynamism and involvement are at the heart of the process

Accelerate awareness and integration of good practices

Fostering responsiveness to change

Improve benevolent individual and collective communication within the company

Develop a positive working environment, conducive to creation and cooperation

Strengthen group cohesion and dynamics in the service of a common project


They trusted us

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