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What is horse coaching ?

Innovative coaching

Equicoaching, or horse-coaching, has been recognized for more than 10 years and is an experiential pedagogical approach in which the horse plays the role of mediator.

A true working partner of equicoach, the animal is incapable of prejudice or analysis, it reacts in an objective and neutral manner. The horse has an extraordinary capacity to reveal the human being and to make him progress.


Accessible to all, this approach based on simulation encourages introspection and awareness of our positioning in relation to the external environment. 

The horse as a mirror

The verbal message is an important aspect of our communication, but our non-verbal communication is just as important.

Indeed, according to the Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace, only 7% of our message is conveyed through verbal language: 55% through our body language and 38% through the tone of our voice.

Sometimes our verbal and non-verbal messages are contradictory, but when a horse sends a message to a congener, he receives it 5/5 in 100% of cases; he does not have the right to speak.

By operating intuitively, the animal sends back signals that put our relational and emotional functioning into perspective. The horse's answer is correct.

Hypersensitive, the horse almost instantly detects our emotions and reacts according to the coherence of what we express.

It then becomes an authentic mirror revealing the coherence, or contradiction, between our actions, our inner thoughts and our intentions.

How is an horse coaching session carried out?

No equestrian knowledge is required as the whole session is done on foot. Whether for professional or personal development, the horse-assisted coaching takes place in three main stages:


  • Development of a specific program adapted to the needs and objectives of the person or group.

  • Explanation, demonstration and realization of the workshops. Fun and interactive, these exercises allow you to create a bond and cooperation with the horse.

  • Debriefing of the session in order to anchor the experience by transferring the lessons learned in a professional or personal context

The goals of the horse coaching

By practicing new behaviours and seeing the immediate effects on the horse, this method of personal and professional development is an accelerator of change.


stress & emotional management


caring communication & self-confidence


autonomy of decision, self-assertion & connection to others

For whom ?

No prerequisites are required. Team coaching is for anyone who wants to understand how they interact with others and develop their emotional and relational intelligence.

In the professional context, they may be executives, managers or sales representatives. This approach may also apply to individuals, for professional, personal or family development.

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